I typed ‘Smurf meat is tangy’ into an A.I. text generator

I typed “Smurf meat is tangy” into an A.I. text generator, and this is what happened:

Smurf meat is tangy, sweet and soft. It’s also a great source of vitamin C and iron.
Smurfberries are small reddish brown berries that grow on either Smurfberry bushes or Smurfberry bushes. The leaves are used in smurfing.
Smurf Berry juice
Smurfberries are ripe when they turn a bright red. They also taste slightly tart and sweet.
Smurf Kool-Aid
Many Smurf fans grew up eating Smurf Kool-Aid. The Smurfs cereal used Smurfberry-flavored Kool-Aid.
Smurf Juice
Smurf Juice is made from Smurfberries. Smurf Juice can be used for eating, drinking, or in making Smurf Juice Soda. Smurf juice does not contain Smurfberry flavor, but it does contain vitamin C, so Smurf Juice is considered a health drink. Smurf juice is made in Italy.
Smurf Soda
The beverage Smurf Soda is made from Smurfberries, and can be used to make Smurf Soda Soda.
The dark blue fruit, also known as Blueberry Smurf, is very similar to the Smurf berries, and it has some of the same health benefits, but it is not a

[The text ended there.]

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