REPOST: ‘Le Diable au couvent’ (‘The Devil in a Convent’) silent film by Georges Méliès – 1899

“The Devil in a Convent”/”Le Diable au couvent” was released by Méliès’s Star Film Company in 1899.

As its title suggests, it is a religious-themed tale, and it looks like a snippet from some Brothers’ Grimm short story.

Méliès’s camera movements and the choreography and “demonic forces” were done by Méliès, who plays the Devil himself.

Though flimsy, the sets and props were no doubt built using techniques common to stage productions of the time

As this movie has some humor, here’s an idea for a sequel:
Two nuns are making a cake for a parish feast.
The Devil enters through a chimney, steals their cake, and flees back through the chimney.
The nuns then set about a search for the Devil to get their cake back. It could be called “God, Where’s My Cake?”

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