“Bawk bawk ba-gawk!” [A Poem]

~Does being positive aid anything? 
 My own reflex is being negative.
Besides, optimists drive me up the wall!~

I’m mailing more junk mail to the world at large
chaos and disorder on a credit card charge
and here’s a shopping trolley filled with all that you need
refining and realigning your own life with greed

And you don’t know it (or at least don’t show it), 
no, you haven’t a clue!
some higher ups make millions and billions off all that you do!

and opposition’s hard to find, just a lot of cheap talk
so it’s location, location, location versus bawk bawk ba-gawk!

You’ve got your home, your loan and some special tome
— it’s impossible to be unhappy!
just keep yer eye on the prize and make a compromise
and you’d better make it snappy!

A contradiction in terms? — ignore it!
Compensation for worms? — no need for it!
Just put ’em on the hook as they wiggle by the book as the pawn takes the rook and adore it!

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