Best Five Articles/The Future of this Puny Little Blog

I have a little blog at Blogger called “The Best Five.”  It actually gets more views than this one…BUT, for whatever reason, I’m foolishly assuming I can build an audience over here for those articles.  Some of those older pieces will be migrated over here because, why not?  On that note, I’m asking for your thoughts on what this site could be, rather than just what it is.  Granted, I don’t want to change everything around.  Still, I encourage input, and possibly even collaboration.

Also, yes, if you feel like donating money in addition to time and consideration, that would be cool.  I don’t feel too guilty about typing that because, honestly, some of the shit people give money to is unbelievable.  Some guy writing about movies, TV shows, sharing Youtube playlists and also creating original stories doesn’t seem like the worst way to spend a buck or two.  On that note, my PayPal e-mail is if you feel so inclined (I don’t expect that, but it would be nice).

There’s an incredibly simple way to help me, even fractionally, and without necessarily spending a penny, and with barely making even the slightest effort whatsoever: You can occasionally check out my articles on the sites.

Also, if you’re open to spending a small amount, you might even want to buy an album from my Bandcamp page, which is “name your own price”. Some of my stuff is far out there, but some of it’s also more conventional.

Not enough options? Here’s a place where you can buy T-shirts I’ve designed. That’s right! I didn’t even totally rip-off these designs, either.

With all this, I theoretically never need to be in the poorhouse.


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