Chapter 4: Subject: Trevor Richards. Sin: Excessive Masturbation. Punishment: He gets caught.

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Trevor’s naughty list is as long as Pinocchio’s nose! Your extensive notes on his misdeeds don’t even capture half of them. Sure, he’s not a rapist, but goddamn does he ever go at it with his hand! You’d think he’d need to give it a rest more often, but nope. It’s nauseating to think about, but even more nauseating to do something about it.

You are now in his kitchen at 10:50 am, January 8th, 2017. The pervert is at work. The table behind you is clear of food and related items, so it should be easy to clean off as you dig in his fridge. You’re looking for milk to go with your cookies. You find it, smiling that it’s not expired, and had already been opened. You pour a glass, take a sip and smack your lips. The milk is nice and cold. You dip a cookie in and ponder how to do this.

You suddenly realize there is blood in your glass, that your goddamn nose is bleeding. You thought too much about the specifics of Trevor’s habit. You start to slam the glass in anger but catch yourself. You crack up laughing. “Fuck it,” you say outloud, then you finish the milk anyway. “Fuck it twice.”

(To Be Continued…and I do apologize for that….)

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