Thy ranks swell beyond measure [poem and/or song lyrics]

The fallen wounded rise again and say
“Killing is easy.
In five minutes I’m rid of you.”

To the tortured terror of all
Amongst the fire, and the dust,
Where the thrill of living is passed,
An invisible net enchains
The human soul in wheel-spinning flesh.
Lies are the laws;
Do you desire to break the code?

The masses tremble,
Not from false hope,
For there is none.
The bleeding is red;
Lies are bright white.

You confess,
In your soulless silence:
How miserable it is to be.
You bow your knee,
To the hall of mirrors,
Where the lash is thrown,
By a dead man’s hand.

Thou seek the befouled dollar,
The thirst for love,
The lonely street,
The eternally empty cradle,
The cup of bitterness
Caught in the deep socket,
One fatal evening.
The ruinous wound,
The pit of dreams,
The swollen pain,
The slow sobbing
Of the dead mind.

Couldst thou behold
For a moment the fiendish sword?
The swift poison,
The bright dart,
The red stain replenishes.

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