My Freddy Krueger Rap Verses

Are you ready for Freddy? Such an obvious rhyme
but killin’ kids in their dreams—a less obvious crime
Head crashed in a TV? That move is mine!
and your graveyard slot stands in my primetime!

What surprise will you get?
Will I make you my puppet?
Or do I feed you to death ’til you can’t nip/tuck it?
Glen Lantz had no chance, now he’s blood in a bucket
when you have a bad dream, it’s me, I construct it

Creative kill brainiac
leave more than just some dead
You call me a maniac?
Well, I’m the son of one hundred.
with the modus operandi of a dream demon undead
I’ll be slashing up Springwood, making town growth stunted
yeah, they burned me right up
man, I was hounded and hunted
but those youths faced these blades
so you had better run, kid
death and Fred go together
like this hand and this glove did
from the very beginning of when I “push came to shoved” it
so when my glove carves you up like a turkey or pumpkin
best believe one thing with these blades: not one is a blunt thing…

(well, they do sort of speak bluntly, if you know what I mean)

Call me “soulless killer”
say violence is wrong
I got a chest full of souls
to keep me vibrant and strong
and the more that you fear me the bigger my hold gets
make my arms stretch out long yet go in for that close death
I kill you up the walls
drag it out like it won’t stop
then blood hits your mate
as soon as your body drops
then later I’ll catch him sleepin’ alone in his cell
make a noose of his bedsheet, and almost no one can tell
that the apparent suicide bears my mark as well
yeah, let me stroll through these bars as I take you to hell

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