We claim to seek Heaven yet desire the earth that smote the sky [poem]

We claim to seek Heaven
yet desire the earth that smote the sky
and the sea that in its mingled purity
incomposed all creeping horror.

Alone we exist—without that lust
that preys on the sea and birds,
that drowses in the fertile valleys
and raises the snakes in the trees,
and the deserts of the earth
call to their ghastly temptress.

The earth is alone for her.
(the faceless earth) is the chimera
which alone can survive the full,
invading shadow.

Hear the full language
of thy lament for the whole earth
(“and how she opens her mouth from her
selfless lungs,” as the sage
and in thee we see the last of the horizon
and the last before the darkness all around,
and realize
that night in its arid solitude
is but another visible dream,
merely the darkness which swallows
the sight.

[I think this poem could come equipped with a violin introduction, though I am not sure exactly what notes or style would be used. If done creatively enough, I suppose this could also be a song.]

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