THE CAVALIER’S DREAM- (1898 Silent Film) Edwin S. Porter, Thomas Edison

A laptop recently died on me, thanks to an automatic update from our pals at Microsoft. Fortunately, a computer nerd plcae says they were able to save my old files, but I am waiting for a USB drive (or whatever) to arrive. Until that happens, more installments of “The Santa Matrix” are basically on hold, aming other projects I had saved on that laptop. I now have Google Chromebook which, theoretically, might help reduce dangers of file loss in the future, as it stores things “in the cloud.”

In the meantime, I can still provide links to old movies amd crap like that, and any new original stories I can muster up. Here’s a Youtube video of The Cavalier’s Dream, which Wikipedia describes as “an 1898 American black-and-white horror silent one minute short film directed by Edwin S. Porter in his directorial debut.” Honestly, I don’t really see horror elements here all that much, but why quibble about genre descriptions, especially in a 1-minute film? Frankly, I think this short kind of sucks by today’s standards, but back then the rapid editing techniques might have blown audiences away, as they probably wouldn’t have adequately understood what film even is!

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