Best 5 Things About ‘Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead’

Admittedly, I didn’t see th first “Dead Snow” movie before watching the sequel over at Popcornflix. Here are the five best things about it (in my opinion).

  1. Zombies as Nazis, Nazis as Zombies…Creates Extra Incentive to Thwart Them!

Zombies are deadly enough without concrete political motives, but what if they’re also Nazis, animated by a revenge curse?! Well, then it’s like a whole new ballgame. If you wanted extra reason to kill a zombie, here you go. Granted, it’s perhaps a bit awkward to see slapstick atrocities committed by undead Nazis, but when you put this movie on, don’t you already know what you’re getting into?

  1. Watch Out For That Oncoming Truck/Army Tank!

“Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” kind of makes vehicles scary again, thanks to some key scenes. Obviously, a standout moment is the fight on the army tank, which is very reminiscent of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” which also featured Nazis. The Nazis also face a surprise army, making this a bit of a war movie, too.

  1. “Where Are They Taking It?”

Let’s face it: Many (if not distressinglu most) movies lack that element of surprise. You have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen. Now, don’t get me wrong here. This isn’t a movie that completely, 100% throws out the rulebook. However, it tears out enough pages to keep it interesting, and the vast majority of the comedic elements work.

  1. You’ll Be Asking For the Sidekick’s Death, But Laughing at His Misery.

You’ll have to watch this movie to see Sidekick Zombie (Kristoffer Joner) go through hell. Aw, man, I felt bad for him, but I laughed, then I felt bad for laughing, then I laughed because I felt bad.

  1. The Ending

I don’t really wish to spoil this, but the end before the credits roll is momentous. Basically, it is so wonderfully twisted that it actually accentuates the whole movie. While “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” isn’t the greatest zombie movie of all time, it’s probably the best, craziest Nazi zombie war movie out there.

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