You Are Not…

I don’t know if you feel compassion at all.
Either way, let us all remember:
You are not our comments.
Not at all.
Or yours.
You are not a record you keep.
Or a picture you cherish.
You are not a slide you can sit on and smile on.
You are not a photo or a sculpture you can take home and cherish for yourself.
You are not a movie you can watch to pass time while you sulk in the pit.
You are not a magazine or a book you can store for later enjoyment.
You are not a shoe you can wear as a reminder of a simpler time or a nostalgic gesture of courage and achievement.
Or a band or an artist you love.
You are not a new movie you can just grab from the couch or a website you can just skip through casually.
And then you need to ask yourself why you are making these distinctions.

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