Why I Like White Stripe’s ‘Seven Nation Army’

A polarizing song that I like: “Seven Nation Army.” Now, I understand why some don’t like this song or even the White Stripes in general. Still, to me, this song exudes the spirit of an impassioned anthem. It is oddly emotional (for what it is), high-octane, and refreshingly not acoustic. “Seven Nation Army” sounds bigger than it is because its fierce air of conviction lends it a “blistering hard-rock” vibe, nicely contrasted by its more restrained moments.

The main riff is also catchy, obviously. It sounds very tightly wound, which makes it a barnburner masterstroke. Much of the guitar playing is raw, somewhat bordering on cacophony yet somehow still melodic, and its impassioned vocal punctuates the exploding guitars. And in the space of just one song, it sheds light on the diverse qualities of the entire album.

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