The Haunted Castle 1896 (or ‘Le manoir du diable’) Directed by Georges Méliès

Another example of early, early cinema, Georges Méliès’ The Haunted Castle (or ‘Le manoir du diable’) was released way back in 1896!  Honestly, there’s a good chance you weren’t even born then, even if you’re an old-time.  So yeah, it’s an old one.  Is it good?  Well, you ahve to put this in perspective:  There pretty much wasn’t any “good” or “bad” for film back then, so for it to be pretty good at all was pretty amazing.  In fact, anyone who saw this little film was probably blown away at the time.

Also, even though the movie was intended as humorous, it’s often considered the first short horror film (although, as previously noted here, Alfred Clark’s “The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots” was released in 1895 (one year earlier), and is an obvious example of ultra-early shock cinema.

Here is “The Haunted Castle” in all its glory:


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